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Exchange - INSA in Lyon

Term To Study: Spring 2014
Application Deadline: Sep 23, 2013
Program Starts: Jan 05, 2014
Program Ends: May 01, 2014
Major 1: Engineering Electrical & Electronics
Subject 1:
Major 2: Engineering Civil
Subject 2:
Major 3: Engineering Mechanical
Subject 3:
Major 4: Engineering Material Science
Subject 4:
Major 5: Engineering Aerospace
Subject 5:
Major 6: Engineering Environmental
Subject 6:
Program Category: One-Country
Program Type: Exchange
Link 1: Residences at INSA
Host Website:
Program Locations: Lyon
Contact Phone: 312-567-3177
Contact Name: Siobhan Wegeler
Contact Email:
What is Included: Tuition is paid directly to IIT.
What is not Included: Housing and food costs are paid to INSA-Lyon.
Estimated Costs: It is estimated that the cost of housing & meals for one semester is 1800 Euros.
Program Description

What is the program?
A spring semester study abroad exchange program,
taught in English by professors at INSA-Lyon, one of
France’s top engineering schools.

Where is INSA-Lyon?
The university is located on a large campus called
La Doua, which encompasses many other science-oriented
schools and universities. La Doua is located in
Villeurbanne, a suburb of Lyon, the third largest city in
France. As Lyon is situated in the south-east of France,
the Alps are also in close proximity.

Who is eligible for the program?
Students with good academic standing following
majors in either mechanical engineering or aerospace
engineering are eligible to apply. Students must also
be in the first semester of their sophomore year, as
selected students will spend the second semester of
their sophomore year at INSA-Lyon, and return to IIT in
their junior year.

Which courses will be taken?
Courses taken at INSA-Lyon will include:
MMAE 202 Mechanics of Solids II
MMAE 350 Computational Mechanics
PHYS 224 General Physics III for Engineers
MATH 252 Intro to Differential Equations
300-level French culture class
*Thermodynamics may also be available in English. Additional humanities courses may be available in English. Other courses may be available in French.

Are all the courses transferable?
Yes, the courses taken at INSA-Lyon will be transferable to
an IIT mechanical or aerospace engineering degree.

How much will it cost me?
It’s not as expensive as you might think. You will pay your
tuition as normal to IIT. The cost of flights, accommodation,
and travel/health insurance are costs to consider.

Can scholarships be used for the program?
Yes, scholarships and loans from existing financial aid may be
applied to the program (excluding Leadership Scholarships).

Will I need a visa?
Yes, students will need to apply for a student visa. IIT’s International Center will offer assistance and advice on this process.

Where will I live?
INSA-Lyon has a total of eight halls of residence, which provide
shared rooms, studio apartments, and shared apartments.

Dates estimated based on Spring 2012 calendar

Quick Facts

Population: 65630692
Capital: Paris
Per-capita GDP: $ 35600
Size: 643801 km2
Time Zone: (GMT + 01:00 hour) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris

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Travel Warning: NO

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