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CeNIDE Nano Summer Internship

Term To Study: Summer 2013
Application Deadline: Feb 15, 2013
Program Starts: Jun 01, 2013
Program Ends: Jul 20, 2013
Program Category: One-Country
Program Type: Direct enroll
Link 1: CeNIDE Nano Summer Program application procedures
Program Locations: Duisburg, Essen
Contact Name: Ashley Sinclair
Contact Email:
What is Included: The total fee is 3000 EURO. This amount includes the language and culture program, excursions, lectures, research projects, industry visits, accommodation, health insurance, local public transportation, enrollment, and program material.

Students can apply for a 1500 EURO scholarship to support their participation.
Program Description

The CeNIDE Nano Summer Program is a seven-week international academic program focusing on the exciting and emerging field of nanotechnology. It is designed for outstanding students from all over the world in their third to fifth academic year with a major in science or engineering. The program is taught entirely in English.

Each student will receive a transcript of up to 10 ECTS credit points when the program is completed. It is up to the student to arrange the transfer of credits to their home institution.

A breakdown of the internship is shown below:

Week 1: Language and Culture
Through classes and excursions to nearby cultural highlights, the participants will have the chance to become more familiar with the German language and culture, with a focus on the Rhine and Ruhr Area. Trips to Amsterdam, Bonn, and Cologne will also take place.

Week 2: Lectures
Introductory and advanced lectures about nanotechnology covering the following topics will be offered: fundamentals, fabrication, processing and functionalization, analysis and properties, applications and sustainability, and case studies

Week 3-6: Research Projects
The participants will implement their newly acquired knowledge in intensive four-week research projects in the labs of the UDE

Week 7: Industry
The program concludes with a week of industry visits and academic talks on current issues surrounding industrial applications of nanotechnology

Complete application procedures can be found at :
Please send your application (personal data, cover letter, CV, academic transcript, letter of recommendation, proof of English skills) by e-mail to:

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